As an Internal Revenue Services Enrolled Agent, IRS Certifying Acceptance Agent (ITIN), Notary Public, I have over seven years of extensive experience in tax preparation, tax planning, and corporate tax reporting. I can help you out with your past years tax returns whether you want to amend them or forgot to file.

You’ll get the same services from me as equivalent to a CPA firm but with more affordable rates. 

If you had forgotten to file previous years returns,
OR you didn’t find anyone to whom you can rely on,
OR you were hesitant to pay shoot up prices of Tax Preparers,
Then let me take a hold of your fears.

Satisfaction is guaranteed. Full year Tax Support.
Having a calculator and computer doesn’t make one a Tax Preparer. 

I am currently practicing in Chicago, and using IRS approved Tax Software so that no eligible tax credit can be missed.